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Family Medicine

It is extremely reassuring for a family to know that there is a single facility that everyone in the family can go to, for medical, health and wellness help. The Family Medicine Department at Medcare offers this comprehensive and coordinated care for family members of all ages. 
Family physicians are trained to care for all aspects of the health of each individual - whether an infant or a senior and physical as well as psychological. Patients often build a strong rapport with their family physicians and turn to them first -  whenever they have questions or specific concerns. The doctor then becomes familiar with the family’s medical history as a whole, as well as the needs of individuals. 
Family physicians are primary care doctors who treat a wide range of conditions, refer you to the right specialist when required, and coordinate all aspects of your care. They also provide preventive care by screening for chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, administering vaccines, and advising you about diet and lifestyle
Many common ailments and conditions are treated at the Family Medicine Department, and a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures are performed here. These include giving injections, performing biopsy and excision of skin lesions, administering immunisations, incision or drainage of abscesses, and various kinds of palliative care. Minor surgeries such as vasectomy or circumcision can be performed here. You can bring children here for physical examinations before school or sports. Family physicians help to manage chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension etc.
You will always find an excellent Family Medicine physician at Medcare, whom you can trust to take care of your entire family, and who will access other specialists of facilities when needed.

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