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At Medcare, you can consult leading neurosurgeons with a successful track record of conducting critical surgeries and delivering the best patient outcomes. The Neurosurgery Centre is equipped with the most innovative techniques, in both minimally invasive as well as open surgery. 

The state-of-the-art surgical procedures conducted here include guided surgery, intraoperative monitoring, computer-assisted brain surgery, neuronavigation, brain endoscopy, awake brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation. 

Advanced techniques in minimally invasive procedures include endovascular neurosurgery, thermal or radiofrequency, computer-guided surgery and endoscopic surgery.

Some of the conditions treated by the Neurosurgery Centre are brain tumours, pituitary tumors, cranial base disorders, spinal cord disorders and trauma, for both adults and children, hydrocephalus, Craniosynostosis, Skull deformities.

Expert neurosurgeons play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neurologic disorders of the brain and spine.

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